“They set the bar and we clime higher”

-Destiny Edwards, Former CCHS EAST Leadership

As one of the top EAST programs in the delta, We strive for our students to achieve the best versions of themselves through innovative and creative thinking. We strive for the students to find happiness from helping their classmates, solving community problems, and finding out of the box solutions to common problems. When our EAST program started in 2005. Within the next 10 years we only went to EAST Conference once. In 2016, our new facilitator, Jason Blake, that had a new mindset for our EAST program. Jason is absolutely committed to motivating this next generation to be high achievers as he introduces every new students strive for success. In just two years, in 2018, we achieved EAST Finalists. We are a true example of an underdog, from the worst to the best almost overnight. One should take it to heart when we say, “We will continue to grow and branch off, helping people, in and out of our community. We strive to be the best and we will reach our goal sooner than anyone might think.”