Mrs.Luther (A Teacher at CCHS) wanted a carbon filter holder for her diaper genie, that she recently got as a gift. This group of 7th graders jumped at the chance to design one using TinkerCAD and Idea maker. After remeasuring a few times they got the design right printed her one. Mrs. Luther was amazed with how wonderful three of them done and she still uses it to this day.

This team worked with the Cherry Valley Fire Department to create digital blueprints for the commercial properties in city limits. They worked non-stop for week and a half to get these done by their deadline. One of the students said something about working in her deer stand. We were happy to be able to work with the CVFD and they seem overjoyed with the work that team done.

The organizers of the Mid-South Marathon called us and asked us to collect photos and videos of the marathon. Stormie Watts and Gabrielle Hively (Seniors) jumped right on it and fun getting to work with the organizers of this event.

Sam and Trace (Seniors at the time) had the opportunity to interview veteran and local business owner Mr. Jerry Harris as the duo worked on their Veterans History Project. The team’s mission was to collect more stories from our veterans throughout this school year. The footage being collected by our students and others across the country is being donated to the the United State Library of Congress, to preserve our veterans stories and legacy.

On homecoming week two Seniors (Stormie and Allison) went above and beyond. Allison and Stormie designed their backdrops and put them together from scratch. For the past few weeks they have been researching light positions and finding poses for their clients. The morning of they steamed wrinkles out of their backdrops and curtains and Stormie got a bunch of flowers to add to them. That night they took around 1,400 pictures because they wanted to make sure they got the absolute best shots they could for our Homecoming Royalty. Both Allison and Stormie worked so hard and were professional to the very end.

We were contacted by a community member about making Pink Out shirts for the “Pink-Out” game. Since it was Homecoming, this team decided to level up and make rally towels instead. This team, with the help of several members of our EAST Program and EAST alumni, have dyed, designed, and screen printed nearly 200 rally towels that were handed out at the game.