“Whales” the drone held by Andrew Sides

“I’m going to name him, “Whale”. Because it is unlikely he will fly… we are going to make it happen”

Andrew Sides, Junior

In this project EAST students not on learn then inner working or everyday machines but they learn how to dismissible, reassemble, and build things better than they were before. Junior, Andrew Sides, first was given the task of taking apart a 3’x3′ drone donated from a community member to find out what was making it not fly. After weeks of tinkering he found the main source of the problem and through research he found ways to fix the problem. He not only worked on the drone he named “Whale” but he also repaired our drone we use for areal shots after it unfortunately had a head on collation with a tree. With his previous experience with “Whale” he was able to disassemble and fix our areal drone in a matter of hours.

Break them Down, Build them up incorporates Andrew Hernandez projects with the Arduino. Mr. Hernandez has been working with Arduino since the beginning of the school year. He has went back and fourth on different designs and projects with the Arduino. With some failures he has had a ton of success ever since designing motors and running motors on the Arduino.