Livestream Team- December 2019

Bringing you Cross County Athletics straight from the heart of the ThunderBirds

CCHS Live has been a center piece of CCSD athletics for the past 3 years. Debuting November 10th, 2017 with just and old laptop and a rusty camera, the 1st generation, Live-Stream Team started with just two sophomores (Grant King, and Gracie Imboden) and a junior (Valerie Chapmen). After starting up and getting recognition for their work they upgraded to a new computer, and got a new camera. By 2018 Valerie left the 1st generation Live-Stream Team. They then got a new camera lady (and the first person of 2nd Generation Live-Stream Team) Gabrielle Hively. Then when Ms.Imboden and and Mr.King became Seniors they brought on two proteges to fill their place for when they leave. These two members were Lexi Jarrett to commentate, and Andrew Sides to help with the stream and run the graphics. When Coronavirus hit and we lost half a year we had to say goodbye to the last of 1st generation live-stream team. During 2020 the Live-Stream Team upgraded their set up once again. This time with a side-line camera, a microphone for sideline interviews, and even better graphics. They started streaming on Vimeo (CCHS Live) and their Facebook Page (Cross County Athletics). Their views jumped from 300 per game to nearly 2000 per game. They are improving every stream and have truly helped out the community during this time of crisis.

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Top-Grade Graphics

Graphics ran by Andrew Sides (Junior) evolving the Live-Stream through the years giving us the amazing broadcasts we have today. While he runs the graphics he also keeps notes on how the stream is running making sure to bring the people the best experience possible.


Amazing commentary from Lexi Jarret (Freshman) who really brings the spirit to the livestream. Through the years she has earned the reputation as the “Voice of the Thunderbirds”

Side-Line Cameras

Gabrielle Hively (Senior) has brandished the camera as a weapon and has the steady hand to move, and even fight off bugs, without shaking the camera at all. A truly remarkable videographer.

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