CCHS Mural near the front office

From Where We Came was created by Carson Davis (Junior) but he also partnered with Lexi Jarret (Freshmen). Carson took control and made the three canvases in the office, while Lexi took initiative and made the mural in the front room.

Here at Cross County School District we like preparing for our future but we love remembering our past and where we came from. When it came time to renovate our new office, EAST decided to make a mural at the entrance. Along with, digitally retouching old photos of our old school building and hanging them in the office. When starting this our superintendent reached out to our EAST program to retouch some old school photos. With the trend of keeping the old traditions alive we assigned Carson Davis, A Junior at CCHS, to the project. Carson is the head of our EAST Digital Design team.

Back of the Building
Front Entrance of the Building
Front of the Building